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Latest News

    27 Jun

    Prefect Celebration 22nd June 2017 »

    Successful applicants attended a special assembly where Mr Naisbitt presented each pupil with their Prefect badge.

    20 Jun

    Attendance Rewards »

    The Attendance Team will be hosting a celebration event in school today to congratulate pupils who have achieved 100% attendance. The pupils will be receiving rewards and certificates.

    13 Jun

    RMBC Lifestyle Survey »

    During this week Year 7 and Year 10 pupils from all Secondary schools in Rotherham are being given the opportunity to take part in the annual RMBC Lifestyle Survey.

Latest from the Headteacher

    23 Jun

    Eid Mubarak

    There is much more that keeps and binds us together than separates and divides. As we work together there should be an opportunity to spend time understanding what it is that we collectively value. Schools cannot be solely values-based organisations however, without an integrity in the way that we work and honesty in our approach, we are worth very little. When all else is stripped away any success that we have will be built upon the commonality of approach to care for each other and the desire to succeed collectively. For your commitment to the school and the vision that we've got for education in this community: I thank you.

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