Oakwood @ 60

Oakwood @ 60

Opened as Oakwood Technical High School for Boys in 1952 and joined in 1953 by the adjacent Oakwood Technical High School for Girls, Oakwood has seen a number of interesting changes over the years. In 1954 the number of boys and girls attending was around 480, which may seem a fair amount until you learn that today we currently have over 1000 Oakwood pupils. Due to the popularity and excellent reputation of the school, there are always more pupils who appeal for a place at Oakwood.

Interestingly, if you were a pupil in 1957, you may have stayed on to study advanced subjects in the sixth form. Now, many of our pupils move on to other schools and colleges to continue their education.

Oakwood's first headteachers were Mr F Dixon, (Boys' School) and Miss P Cater, (Girls' School). The dining room signalled the divide between the boys' and girls' school; it wasn't until 1967 that the two schools amalgamated and Oakwood became a mixed gender school.

A new headteacher, Mr Rigby was appointed in 1972 and by 1975 the school was known as Oakwood Comprehensive School. Later, under the headship of Mrs J Charters, it became Oakwood Technology College.

Now in our 60th year, led by Mr D Naisbitt, the Governing Body agreed unanimously to change our name to Oakwood High School.

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