Coronavirus – Latest update

18 March 2020

Dear Parent / Carer

Following on from our previous letter on 13th March, we just wanted to take some time to reassure you that we, at Oakwood High School, are doing all that is necessary, recommended, reasonable and proportionate in the face of the pandemic.  We have and will continue to take advice and direction from Public Health England, the Department for Education and the local and national governments, as to what we should and should not do.

The government on Monday outlined guidelines for vulnerable groups and what symptoms to look for when electing to self-isolate. We will continue to follow these guidelines when supporting pupils, families and staff who present with these symptoms, or elect to self-isolate to protect a family member. Pupils and the families of those who are absent and continue to present the key symptoms of a new continuous cough and/or a high temperature, should follow the self-isolation guidance by following the link below. Pupils who are absent, but do not have any of the recognised symptoms are free to return to school once they feel better.

In the present circumstances, we ask that parents communicate with the school via the attendance email should there be a case of self-isolation within your family; be that parent, pupil or a member of the wider family.  This information will be useful and allow us to ensure we have taken the appropriate measures to safeguard our pupils, the staff body and members of the wider community.

We would like to reassure you that, should the school be directed to close, we have a detailed plan to provide learning resources and support for our children on a daily basis and in line with their usual school timetable.  We would expect that material to be completed and returned to their teachers; those teachers will provide appropriate feedback on the work. Specific details of this plan will be shared with pupils and parents in a separate communication.

The overwhelming majority of our pupils have their iPad or Chromebook for this purpose.  We ask that parents and carers check that device regularly and ensure that your son / daughter knows how to connect to Google Drive, Google Classroom and can access school emails. All of the Google Applications, including email, can also be accessed via a Smartphone.

Over the coming days and weeks, should you have any questions about the situation and Oakwood’s response to any change in circumstances, please make direct contact with Mr Eccles or Mr Naisbitt.

Thank you for your measured and considered support in these very challenging times.

Yours faithfully


Chris Eccles              Deputy Headteacher                                                         David Naisbitt     Headteacher