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** Parents’ Evenings **

The booking system is now open for our March Parents Evenings;

Year 7, 9 & 10, Tuesday March 7th 2023, 4.00PM-7.00PM

Year 8 & 11, Thursday March 23rd 2023, 4.00PM-7.00PM

Please follow the link to book your appointments.

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Head of School Briefing 26.3.21

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Summer Internships Live Q & A

SUMMER INTERNSHIPS LIVE Q&A, Wednesday 24th March 2021, 7.00PM-8.30PM. Please follow the link for further information – https://investin.org/pages/parent-series?mc_cid=a9a75a1738&mc_eid=36f37be47a


World Book Day 2021

Our Head of School, Mr Eccles, taking a few minutes to read on World Book Day.  To see more photos of how our staff celebrated the day, please click here.


Mindful March

Making time to be mindful helps us reduce stress levels, by turning our focus to the here and now, rather than dwelling on the past or future.  So this month we want to help you take simple daily actions to be more present.  Our Mindful March calendar is full of ideas to live mindfully and […]