Charity Fundraising Event

In July 2021, we held a Summer Gala in school that our school council helped to plan and organise. All pupils had the opportunity to spend a lesson at the event. There were sixteen stalls and pupils paid to take part in games and had the opportunity to purchase drinks, ice lollies and baked goods. Some examples of the stalls were; henna, key ring photo booth, lucky lollipop sticks, guess the name of the teddy, tombola, penalty shoot out, wet sponge toss. strong person challenge and tin can throw.  The money raised was donated to Weston Park and Sheffield Area Kidney Association.  We have recently receiving the following acknowledgment from Weston Park:-
I am contacting you from Weston Park Cancer Charity to say a huge thank you for the incredibly generous donation we received from the school last month raised at your summer gala. I know we will have sent you a thank you certificate but I wanted to personally reach out and say how grateful we are for your support.
We have continued to be able to support patients and their families throughout the past few years, in spite of the pandemic, because of support like yours.

We are currently 50% down on income as a charity, so when we say we are truly appreciative of the money your pupils and staff have raised we really mean it.

Very best wishes to you all,
Georgia Bransby
Fundraising Officer