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Latest News

    12 Oct

    Pupils champion new mental health campaign

    Pupils champion new mental health campaign »

    Pupils across Rotherham wore yellow on Tuesday to show other young people that they’re not alone when it comes to their mental health as part of a new campaign launch.

    11 Oct

    100% Attendance Achievers 2016-2017

    100% Attendance Achievers 2016-2017 »

    Several pupils from across all year groups achieved 100% attendance during the school year 2016-2017.

    06 Oct

    #HelloYellow »

    Tuesday the 10th of October is World Mental Health day. We are inviting pupils to wear something yellow to encourage us all to be aware of our mental health. Alongside this we are helping Rotherham launch their STILL campaign.

Latest from the Headteacher

    25 Sep

    All in good time?

    Every now and then we consider our policies and we may make consequential changes. Occasionally those changes have no impact at all and we will set then set them aside, however mostly those changes do have some impact. We have worked through a recent change which seems to have had a very very positive impact thus far. Our approach to ‘nipping punctuality issues in the bud’ has had an enormous impact upon pupils. Out at the front of the school on a morning we are clear well before 8:40am. Pupils who have been repeatedly late to school now seem to be getting in that little bit earlier. The number of children caught up in punctuality issues has dropped dramatically. This is an example of the school body identifying an issue and then. as a team, executing a consistent approach.


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Year 11 Parents GCSE Revision Evening, Tuesday 24th October 2017, 5.30pm-7.00pm


The evening will start with an overview in the hall about the upcoming GCSEs and will be followed by four workshops covering GCSE revision materials, the new GCSE 9-1, health and well being and time management.