The School Day

Academic Year 2019-20 (Starting 8th July 2019)

A warning bell (WB) will ring at 8:30am to indicate to pupils that they should be in the building with a second bell at 8.40am to mark the time that pupils should be outside their tutor room. Warning bells will also ring after the first 5 minutes of break time and to indicate the last 5 minutes of break time.  Staff and pupils should start to make their way to lessons at that point.  Access to lockers will be allowed before and after school, and during the first and last 5 minutes of break time.

The bells (B) will ring as follows:

  Start Time End Time Warning Bells Duration (minutes)
Tutor 8:40 (B) 9:10 (B) 8:30 (WB) 30
Lesson 1 9:10 10:25 (B)   75
Lesson 2 10:25 11:40 (B)   75
Break 1 11:40 12:10 (B) 11:45 (WB)
12:05 (WB)
Lesson 3 12:10 1:25 (B)   75
Break 2 1:25 1:55 (B) 1:30 (WB)
1:50 (WB)
Lesson 4 1:55 3:10 (B)   75
Extra Curricular Activities / Catch Up Sessions 3:10      





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