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13 Oct


I want to take the opportunity this week to reflect upon and re-focus the attention on World Mental Health Day. We, at an institutional level take this broad issue seriously. We know that do not and cannot have the answers but we do recognise that it is important that we all take our own and other peoples emotional health and well-being seriously. For that I thank the staff and the pupils for their support this week. This approach marks out this institution as a special place for children and for adults.

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06 Oct

Traditional Values?

It has been again a busy week. We are at that point in the school year where we just get on with the enormous number of tasks we have to do whilst trying to provide the highest quality of educational experience.

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29 Sep

In support of our children.

As always it is been something of a busy week.

We hosted our annual Open Evening on Monday. We endeavour on these occasions to put on our best face. What is wonderful about the new building we inhabit is that that face does not need a great deal of work. We are able to allow our friends, potential parents and pupils to enter the school and see us as we would be at any given time or any other time. It was great to be able to invite prospective parents and carers into the school and to be able to offer them the opportunity to visit the school during the working day. We know our environment is very very good and we know the work that we do is of the highest standard and, as a consequence, we are not concerned about visitors observing us in our daily work: you would all be welcome.


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25 Sep

All in good time?

Every now and then we consider our policies and we may make consequential changes. Occasionally those changes have no impact at all and we will set then set them aside, however mostly those changes do have some impact. We have worked through a recent change which seems to have had a very very positive impact thus far. Our approach to ‘nipping punctuality issues in the bud’ has had an enormous impact upon pupils. Out at the front of the school on a morning we are clear well before 8:40am. Pupils who have been repeatedly late to school now seem to be getting in that little bit earlier. The number of children caught up in punctuality issues has dropped dramatically. This is an example of the school body identifying an issue and then. as a team, executing a consistent approach.


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15 Sep

Forever Moving Forward

As we have settled so positively and strongly into the new school year some of our thoughts now start to turn towards what the future might bring

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