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08 Dec

Winter is here!

The potential is for there to be severe weather which might impact upon school. We will post as early as is practically possible any impact on the school day on the school website.

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01 Dec

Roll on summer?

It seems strange, whilst we should be contemplating buying Christmas presents for the upcoming festive season, to be equally thinking about summer events. The cricket, taking place in Australia, reminds us of those summer days and the pleasure that comes from watching the game with the warm sun on our backs. Equally, we have seen the World Cup draw ready for next summer's World Cup being held in Russia.

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24 Nov

Happy talk

There are some well-worn phrases out there that seem relevant this week,despite the fact they contradict each other. For example; ‘It is good to talk’ -the 1980s British Telecom TV ad, encouraging people to use their phones more often (we don't need to do that much these days do we?) or the phrase which suggests that ‘talk is cheap’.

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17 Nov


We are at the end of our second week of this half term. We are entering that strange period in the school calendar year. We have all been working very hard for so many weeks since September (or June – depending on your perspective) yet we have quite a few more weeks to go. All that sits against the backdrop of days becoming shorter, mornings and nights becoming darker, the weather becoming colder and wetter, and the coughs, colds and spluttering becoming more prevalent.

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10 Nov


After our after the half term break, it has been a good week for us all and for the overwhelming majority of children. Successful weeks in school, where the corridors and classrooms are calm and purposeful, do not happen by accident. There are a result of our collective endeavours. They are our consequence of us all working as one, as a community, with a consistent and positive approach.

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