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09 Feb

New Year's Resolutions re-visited

I hope you are having or have had a lovely break from school (depending on when you read this).

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02 Feb

It's time to talk

What a difference a week makes. The weather hasn't been great this week but has been significantly better than the previous two weeks. That makes an enormous difference to how we manage day in and day out. It is, also, noticeable that the morning is a little brighter and the nights a little lighter. All this can add up to a significantly improved feeling of well-being. It is well researched that the brighter the weather is and the longer the days feel makes for a more content and settled feeling within oneself. 

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26 Jan

Building a better world

I usually try to stay away from national or global news events – they might just get me in some trouble however…

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19 Jan

What ever the weather

There are times when, through my musings, I feel a lot more like a weather watcher or forecaster rather than a teacher. The weather this week has been particularly poor. It does create a different atmosphere within the school. I am sure there is research around which proves that wind, rain, sleet or snow does upset a young person's equilibrium. This week we've had all and it all in spades.

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12 Jan

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

We have returned after a welcome break and, as always, we are all firing on all cylinders this week. It has been a very positive week and it seems that many of us have had our batteries recharged and are ready to go this short but intense half term.

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