11 Jan

New Year's Resolutions

We have reached the end of the first week back and the end of the first working week in 2019. We congratulate all on getting through the week. It is something of a shock to the system to return after any holiday but a particular shock having had (hopefully) a fantastic Christmas and New Year break. The January weather and the prospect of continuing cold and dark nights can make that return particularly difficult. 

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14 Dec


I know we are all at that point in the term when we are finding it hard to make it into the coming week. Our reservoirs or fuel tanks are low. We are tired and may well be occasionally irritable. We do, though, know that we have to soldier on. How ever tired and strained it might be I do look to our Prime Minister and then I get that sense of perspective. We will get there! This time next week it’ll be time for a nice, well earned break.


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07 Dec

All things being equal?

Thank you all for your hard work this half term and especially this week. The weather; including wind and rain; have not made it easy for any of us.

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30 Nov

Christmas lights?

It is that time of year when we all creak, just a little, under the weight of the weather, the bugs and illnesses, the darker nights and the long term dates. We do have a light, however dim at this stage, on the horizon. It’s December on Saturday. That date brings with it a whole host of things: wall to wall Christmas carols and songs on the radio, TV and in the shops; the advent calendar, with the cheapest of chocolates inside (or make-up and perfume – as someone informed me); the TV adverts offering once-in-a-lifetime Christmas bargains; the TV adverts for the sofa sales (didn’t they used to start on Boxing Day?); the TV adverts for next year’s summer holidays (didn’t they used to start on Boxing Day?); the prospect of spending more time with friends and family; the winter / Christmas holidays. So… not all bad.


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16 Nov

Talking about children

Sometimes in school, or in education more widely, we can become consumed by the issues at hand. By this I mean that we are presented with something that we need to react to and, being the professionals we are, we do react to that issue. Sometimes that may well be something being pushed at us from the government or the local authority, in other cases it may be something we need to manage within school. All too often we are responding and reacting to things that may well be negative and then we find it hard to secure the space to recognise and celebrate.

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