12 Apr

Save the date?

You can all go off now and enjoy your break knowing that it’s a job well done.Unless you are Year 11 or Y10 (English Literature) and then you need to be doing six hours a day of reveision - yes six hours! 

As we have all worked so hard, over this last term, I did wonder whether we’ve missed out on some important events. I know we will have all been abreast of the Brexit negotiations/impasse but beyond that I wondered what it is we might have missed.

Did you know that just this week we have missed... 

7th April: Day of remembrance for the victims of the Rwanda Genocide or World Health Day.
8th April: World Romani Day
10th April: Siblings Day 12th April: Equal Pay Day

All very important days and important events that we should recognise and reflect upon. However, in our very busy working lives we may well have missed some other events or days that are maybe less serious but, for some of us, may well be of importance. How about ...?

6th April: Sorry Charlie Day (who’s Charlie) or National Tartan Day (Och eye) 
7th April: And perfect for a Sunday … National Beer Day
9th April: and one I’m keen to uphold … Be Kind To Lawyers Day
11th April: Submarine Day or Barbershop Quartet Day 
12th April: another one I’m keen on … Grilled Cheese Day 

I hope the next couple of weeks mean that you’ve got enough time to stay abreast of such important events and you might able to celebrate such notable days as … 

14th April: Look up to the Sky Day 
16th April: Eggs Benedict Day 
20th April: Look Alike Day 
23rd April: Lover’s Day 
25th April: DNA Day - my favourite! 
26th April: Pretzel Day - don’t tell George! 

And you’ve got an Easter weekend to look forward to.