05 Apr

'Tonight the streets are ours'

It did get me thinking about how communities change over time. I think I’ve learned that even the most stable of communities, where there is little perceived transition or movement of people, do change over time. It seems to me though that those communities do retain an element of continuity and stability - almost a golden thread that stitches together the people. Despite the significant economic, global or societal changes there are some things about some communities that don’t change too dramatically. I think our community has some of those hallmarks. 

When we look at the long game, it is clear that the area in the centre of Rotherham has changed significantly in the last four or five decades. They have been enormous cultural and societal changes and people have come and gone. That said some of the things that we would all regard as core tenants of a decent community remain in place. And within the school we would want to, not only reflect those core tenants, but build upon them and teach our children and young people the importance of those principles. 

We frame that through our 5Rs. We have a responsibility, as in school, to ensure our children get the best examination results – that’s a given. However we do understand our wider roles and responsibilities in teaching children about what it means to be a member of a community. In particular this week, and thinking back to the events of Friday and my trip to the theatre, there is something about pupils taking responsibility. It is important that we continue to work with our children to understand that they must take responsibility for their own actions: good and bad. They are the masters of their own behaviours and they need to ensure that they make the right choices whatever is going on around them. Sadly children do not always get it right. And that reflects what goes on more broadly in communities. It is important that we, as a school and wider community, hold onto those values we believe to be true. Those children and young people who do not make the right choices should understand that there will be consequences for their actions. Hopefully, this will allow them to think more carefully, in the future, about the choices that they make and the contributions they make to our school community or wider community. 

‘Standing at Sky’s Edge’ has, as a central theme, the connections between the generations. This understanding of our connections and our interconnected lives makes for stronger communities and makes our community, beyond the school gates the strong, meaningful and positive community we know. We will endeavour to ensure that that is reflected within the school itself and in asking children to take responsibility we will continue to teach them that the importance of social responsibility. 

‘Tonight the streets are ours’ Richard Hawley 

We are nearly at the end of a long half term. We then we all have (staff and pupils) a couple of weeks over Easter to rest up and recharge the batteries. It has been a long term but as always our will and collective strength has seen us through. Let’s hold onto that over the coming few school days and then we can go into our break knowing that, yet again, it’s a job well done.