15 Dec

Looking forward to Annie

As you might expect we are all looking forward to next week.

The last week of term here at the school is always quite wonderful. After a terrifically long term we can most definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel now. In addition to having the break to look forward to we have a whole series of positive and wonderful events to be part of.

On Wednesday we have the Christmas jumper day in support of the local Yorkshire Poundies charity – thank you Mr Symons and your tutor group for leading on that. Also on Wednesday we have our Christmas lunch. Many many children do thoroughly enjoyed that experience. For some children it will be the only Christmas dinner that they will get this year; for a whole variety of reasons. It is something that we, as a staff body, can share with the children and is an event which brings us together as a school community.

Throughout the week we have the exciting production of Annie to look forward to. After the dress rehearsal on Monday there are evening performances Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is absolutely brilliant to note that Thursday is already sold out and there are only a few tickets left for Tuesday and Wednesday. It is set to be an amazing performance. I have had the pleasure of hearing some of the rehearsals and, although we have got quite a number of some of our younger pupils in the production, the quality of the singing, particularly the chorus, does whet the appetite somewhat. Get your ticket secured!

We will work right through until period 3 on Friday and whilst doing that we can enjoy some of the events during the week, which make this time of year in school very special.

Many of us will be still thinking about presents for our loved ones. If you are going out and about this shopping this weekend, I do hope that you have some success and don't get too submerged by the crowds of shoppers which we can find out and about at this time of year. I gather online shopping is particularly popular right now.

‘Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection. Winston Churchill
‘Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store’. Dr. Seuss