02 Feb

It's time to talk

What a difference a week makes. The weather hasn't been great this week but has been significantly better than the previous two weeks. That makes an enormous difference to how we manage day in and day out. It is, also, noticeable that the morning is a little brighter and the nights a little lighter. All this can add up to a significantly improved feeling of well-being. It is well researched that the brighter the weather is and the longer the days feel makes for a more content and settled feeling within oneself.

That comes in the week that we have had 1st February been designated as the ‘time to talk day 2018’. The day when everyone can be encouraged to talk about their mental health and emotional well-being. We here at Oakwood take this conversation very seriously. We know that we cannot offer solutions to all problems and ones well-being rests firmly within oneself, however we can endeavour to create the conditions that will allow for an open dialogue and an understanding of the concerns and pressures that people face.

We know that as the Year 11 pupils run through their ILEs or are planning for their final examinations that we all need to make the space and create the conditions that will allow those pupils to get the best out of their school experience. They cannot rely on others to do it for them but at this very challenging time in their lives it is important that we all recognise that those pupils will need the space and time to be able to take personal responsibility for how they are feeling and what we need to do to ensure that they continue to remain stable, safe and happy.

As the days get a little brighter we will be feeling a little brighter. If that is not is not the case please remember the ‘time to talk’ message and share how you're feeling with someone. Don't bottle it up, share and talk.

‘Talking is always positive. That's why I talk too much.’ Louis C. K.