15 Feb

Valentine's Message

Thank you for your contributions throughout this busy half term. In the week of Valentine’s it was great to see so many people spreading some of the Oakwood love. You all get from me my warm appreciation and wholehearted thanks for all that you do for the children of this community.

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08 Feb


It’s that time of year when finding something light and frivolous might be a little hard to do. But as we are at that point in the term when we need to cheer ourselves up I thought it best not to talk too much this week about schools and schooling.

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01 Feb

Relative positivity

All of our work this week has been set against some difficult weather conditions. Those of us who remember, all too well, how cold the old building would have felt this week will some comfort in the fact that the building we now occupy is so warm, despite the conditions outside. Although there has been a degree of conversation about the weather we seem to have got away with it here in Rotherham and across South Yorkshire.

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