25 Jan

It's the cricket season again

When I think about all that we have done this week it does read like a remarkable list of achievements. With the Jekyll and Hyde screenings, the theatre and cinema visit, the year 10 and 11 parental evening, and the list goes on. We set ourselves exceptionally high standards, here at Oakwood High School and we work to ensure that those standards are met day in and day out.
Strangely I can also talk this week about cricket. That seems strange when the weather is so glum. England are playing in the Caribbean at the moment, where the weather is bright and fine. Some of the images coming in from Barbados have been particularly attractive. That said the team aren’t doing too well, as I write, and it brings into sharp focus how quickly things can change in sport. Not that long ago West Indies cricket was something of a joke on the international scene. In particular, the five day test team were a little weak compared to some of the bigger nations, such as England. But in a relatively short period of time, through a strategy built upon maintaining a commitment to ensuring they get the right people in the right positions, West Indies cricket has seen a significant shift forward. It’s interesting that their approach has been to invest in young people, young cricketers, and allow them to grow and develop. Sometimes in Britain we bring down the guillotine on someone’s career at the first mistake or when they fall at the first hurdle. It seems that there is a lesson to learn from this. Invest in your talent and allow them to flourish and prosper. In doing so you may not travel rapidly to where you want to be but each day you will take a step further in the direction.
Each day we take a step in the right direction. Each day here at Oakwood we travel purposefully knowing that we are investing in our young people and their talent and investing in our staff and their talent.
‘To me, it doesn't matter how good you are. Sport is all about playing and competing. Whatever you do in cricket and in sport, enjoy it, be positive and try to win’. Ian Botham