06 Jul

Is football coming home?

I hope that everyone has the energy at this time of year to recognise our collective continued efforts and hard work. I know that things are not that simple at the moment and that, at the end of a long school year, it is difficult to find the energy to do some of the work that is required. The extended period of warm weather probably doesn’t help either. I recognise the efforts of pupils and staff. I thank you for those efforts.

We do have (though) the World Cup to take our mind off school. I am not going to dress up any messages this week or try to find deeper educational meaning from the events that might be taking place. I am simply going to say that I hope that we all have a fantastic weekend watching England. I do very much hope that this generation of footballers break the mould and can find a freedom in their play which will allow for success this coming week.

Firstly we need to get past Sweden in the quarter-final. That’s not a given but is a game that any England fan would’ve taken for the semi-final place, in the World Cup finals. We accept that at this stage of the tournament it can be something of a lottery. Maybe, just maybe, it is England’s year this time around. Maybe, just maybe, football is coming home.

Wherever you are watching the game on Saturday, I do hope that you can enjoy and that we will be, by late tomorrow afternoon, celebrating England’s advance into the semi-final. We can then look forward to a quiet night in on Wednesday (or not) as England take on either Russia or Croatia, for a place in the World Cup final.

Weekends should be about distracting ourselves and should be about finding time to relax. What better distraction than this quarter-final game?

‘So many jokes, so many sneers,
But all those 'oh so nears'
Wear you down, through the years,
But I still see that tackle by Moore
And when Lineker scored,
Bobby belting the ball
And Nobby dancing.’


Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds

Whatever you have up to, wherever you are watching the game, please enjoy. I hope, for the whole nation, it isn’t too stressful. And we come back on Monday morning with something wonderful to celebrate.