08 Jun

It's only cricket

As we are now well and truly into the summer months it could be time to discuss cricket. I mention cricket this week for two reasons.

Firstly the success of our Year 10s against our local rivals. It is great to be able to report on sporting success but the manner of the victory and the individual performances were outstanding. We should recognise the team and two boys in particular for their amazing achievements; we had one boy score 125 runs not out and another score 70 runs, both in only 20 overs.

And we were able observe the obvious success in cricket of an ex-pupil Bilal Anjum; he represented Yorkshire in supporting England with the test match at Headingley against Pakistan.

These two different cricketing events remind me that in working with children; in any context and in any school; it is easy to forget that not every child fits neatly into simple academic or behavioural categories. We would want all of our children to be academically highflyers and exhibit exceptional behaviours all of the time, in whatever context; to be able to cope with everything that is thrown at them. However, we here at Oakwood don’t ever forget that we talking about individual people. Those individuals have their own personal strengths and weaknesses. We want to recognise that and, wherever possible, celebrate the successes; whatever they might be or in whatever context they are displayed.

At Oakwood High School we do try to find ways to reward individual pupils. We do try to find ways to celebrate the successes. We endeavour to recognise those formally in whatever way we can. We have coming up, in the next couple of weeks, our graduation ceremonies and related rewards activities. Every child has the opportunity to graduate into the next school year and be rewarded for their endeavours this school year. Those endeavours will be varied and may not just be about curricular and academic success. We will work to find a whole gamut of reasons why a child should be recognised and their successes celebrated.

This isn’t a soft approach. It isn’t giving into ‘political correctness’. It is simply doing ‘unto others as we would have done unto ourselves’. I know that I’m no great cricketer (it doesn’t stop me enjoying watching the game though!) and recognising my cricketing attributes might be tough however I must have something that I’m good at, however well hidden - no comments please. And like anyone else I’d always want those attributes to be recognised.

We continue to work at Oakwood High School with a strong moral purpose. We put children at the heart of what we do and we look to support and challenge those children in the right way. And when those children do something which needs to be, or should be, rewarded we do so enthusiastically and with integrity.

‘Life is too short not to celebrate nice moments!’ Jurgen Klopp