22 Mar

A royal visit

It’s been another busy week. In addition to doing all those things that we would typically do on a busy week in March we do want recognise the fact that we’ve had a royal visit. Those events happen rarely. It can be relatively easy to be cynical about these things but we mustn’t. As was said prior to the visit... we’re a good school, doing a great job, in a tough community. As I say regularly, it’s only when we look at ourselves through the eyes of others do we truly see who we are and what we do. We do add real value and we make a significant difference to the children and families of this community. 
I did get to escort the Duke and the esteemed party around the school, but that’s not what the visit was all about.  Importantly we took the opportunity to get him in front of staff and pupils the moment he walked in through the door. We don’t want to hide or disguise what we do.
We took the opportunity to take the Duke into a Year 7 Art lesson and into a Year 9 Music lesson. In those cases, he had the opportunity to talk to staff and to pupils. He met groups of young people and staff in the school hall where they talked through the significant work that they have done either in The Inspiring Youth Project, the School Council, or the Hello Yellow mental health and well-being project.  At each stop the Duke and the Lord-Lieutenant had the opportunity to talk to real people about the work that they do. It was their opportunity to get a sense of what is taking place in this great school, each and every day.  
A royal visit may not always mean a great deal but in our case we were thankful for the visit and I am thankful that I can proudly show any visitor the school, its staff and its pupils.