03 May

Welcome back

We have a long weekend. This gives us an opportunity to reflect upon how well the week has gone and think about how we can all, individually, make an impact again next week.

We have a particularly short half term. In total a full 19 working days before the Whit half term break - and 5 of those days are done! This is a wonderful opportunity to really charge into our work. Giving it our all, day in and day out, knowing that there will be a reasonable break, just over the horizon. Whether we are in Year 11 about to sit those important GCSE exams or we are in Year 7 having just finished our ILEs, it is a particularly important time of year. We have all got such a significant amount to achieve in such a short period of time and we will all feel that pressure. That’s okay. Pressure creates adrenaline in the young people and allows them to think carefully and more meaningfully about what they need to do to be successful in the upcoming exams. Us as the adults? We need to stay calm and supportive for those young people.

Year after year we manage these periods and we manage this period of time very successfully. I have absolutely no doubt that the coming weeks will be as positive as previous years. I am confident that after the week we’ve had and the work we’ve done, we should be able to ensure that we maintain our positive and proactive approach.

As we near the end of the football season, maybe we can learn from the words of a very popular and successful manager. 

‘The challenge is to stay cool enough to handle the pressure in the moment so that you can succeed in the future.’ Jurgen Klopp