30 Nov

Christmas lights?

It is a very human thing to look forward. That isn’t to wish away the days but it is necessary to have things to look forward to. Those things must be in the near future as well as the longer term. With this approach we can be that bit more resilient in facing the present day challenges. We need to polarise our experiences; we need the tough stuff to balance the pleasure and the prospect of fun to balance the hard work necessary in the here and now. ‘If all the year were playing holidays…’ and all that.

Our Year 11s, in particular, need some of that resilience in preparing for their upcoming ILEs. In facing down the prospect of that particular challenge they will need to be strong and be focused. They can know that when they have finished that final exam on Friday 21st December they will have achieved a great deal and will know that their rest, their holiday, will be that bit sweeter for that commitment.

Ms Grice reminded the staff body that we should look to encourage our pupils to exhibit that bit of resilience needed to be successful in the upcoming ILEs and then beyond. Stress and stress management is part of life and giving our pupils the experience of those exams will apply some stress, some pressure, but it does also prepare the pupils in such a way that the future stresses will seem diminished.

This is a lesson for us all, especially at this time of year. Things do get stressful. We can become tired. It is how we face down those feelings and emotions which will set us apart. We, as a school, will do all that we can to support our pupils and staff body and we know that our community will do all that it can to support us all.

‘No matter how much falls on us, we keep ploughing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear.’ Greg Kincaid