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22 Mar

A royal visit

It’s been another busy week. In addition to doing all those things that we would typically do on a busy week in March we do want recognise the fact that we’ve had a royal visit. Those events happen rarely. It can be relatively easy to be cynical about these things but we mustn’t. As was said prior to the visit... we’re a good school, doing a great job, in a tough community. As I say regularly, it’s only when we look at ourselves through the eyes of others do we truly see who we are and what we do. We do add real value and we make a significant difference to the children and families of this community. 

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15 Mar

Goodbye Gareth and Welcome Your Royal Highness

The wind and the rain has not made for a temperate environment; climatically or socially. All of us who work in schools know that the climatic conditions can have a significant impact upon how children present. This week has been as wet and wild as any time in the past academic year and so to come out of the week unscathed is something of an achievement. Any success we have had is in no small part to the consistency and contributions by a whole range of staff and pupils. In our more challenging moments we rely on our collective strength, not on the perceived strengths of an individual or a relatively small cohort of staff. ‘Together we are stronger’: this is absolutely correct, and even more true when we have challenging days, with lashings of rain and gusting winds. Goodbye and good riddance Gareth.

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08 Mar

World Book Day

Sometimes on a Friday afternoon I can find it a little difficult to bring to mind a subject worth discussing. This week is very much an exception to that.

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15 Feb

Valentine's Message

Thank you for your contributions throughout this busy half term. In the week of Valentine’s it was great to see so many people spreading some of the Oakwood love. You all get from me my warm appreciation and wholehearted thanks for all that you do for the children of this community.

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08 Feb


It’s that time of year when finding something light and frivolous might be a little hard to do. But as we are at that point in the term when we need to cheer ourselves up I thought it best not to talk too much this week about schools and schooling.

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