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14 Sep


Over the past 12 months or so I’ve been thinking about the approach we should be taking to school improvement. Not just in respect of Oakwood but beyond, across the system. All too often teachers (and I am no exception) use gut instinct to determine the direction of travel. We might be ‘right’ on occasions but as intelligent professionals it really shouldn’t be the way to execute educational policy or improvement strategies. 

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10 Sep

Welcome back

I hope that you all had a great holiday. And that the return to school has been good. It has feel felt very calm around the school and the children seem to have come back with positive attitudes and a desire to learn. Long may that continue! 

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17 Jul

Countdown to summer

At the end of what for some of us has been a traumatic week, in respect of the football at least, I do not want to dwell on World Cup issues. Let’s move on from that. I’ve only another 28 years to wait until being able to watch my next World Cup semi-final. I can cope with that. 

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06 Jul

Is football coming home?

I hope that everyone has the energy at this time of year to recognise our collective continued efforts and hard work. I know that things are not that simple at the moment and that, at the end of a long school year, it is difficult to find the energy to do some of the work that is required. The extended period of warm weather probably doesn’t help either. I recognise the efforts of pupils and staff. I thank you for those efforts.

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29 Jun

Goodbye Year 11. Hello Year 7

As we say goodbye to our Year 11 pupils I would like to publicly thank you all for the work you have all done to support our pupils; be you a parent, teacher or support colleague. The pupils have been remarkable. There have been issues and challenges along the way but we and they have worked through anything and everything that has been presented. As we said goodbye, last night and this afternoon, we saw just how together they are as individuals and as a year group. There seemed to be a special bond between them all, as a group, and with the school, be that the staff or other pupils. 

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