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25 May

Up the Millers!

Last week I wrote about Manchester City. It really was a poorly veiled attempt to draw a connection between football and schools performance. The fact that the more money you have, the better resources you have, the more likely you are to be able to play good football and get great results. 

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18 May

We can't all be Manchester City

The football season is almost over and all the leagues have finished their scheduled fixtures. We just have the last knockings of the season; the FA Cup, the Champions League and the play-off finals. And at this point in the year we might all want to be top of the Premier League but, as I’ve said, we can’t all be like Manchester City. There can only be one team that wins the league title. Even though that’s the case there are 91 other football teams regularly playing professional football, in England and Wales and yet all those teams have hundreds, and in most cases thousands of supporters turning out week in and week out to watch their progress.

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11 May

National Teacher Appreciation Week

The weeks pass and we maintain our relentless pace. We are now up against the Year 11 exam season having just completed our Year 9 ILEs. I know we wouldn’t want it any other way and it’s important that we all recognise that we need to continue to maintain our drive, for and with our children, to ensure that they can be successful. 

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04 May

The long weekend

It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do for us all.

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27 Apr

We expect to excel

It is that the strange time of year when we know that summer is just around the corner and the exam season will start and yet we are all in a state of heightened anticipation and tension without being able to touch or enjoy what the summer and the end of the exam season might bring. 

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