15 Mar

Options Letter 2019

Re: KS4 Options
Dear Parents and Carers of Y8 pupils,
This week we launched the start of the 2019 Options process for all Year 8 pupils with an introductory assembly and you will receive your child’s latest assessment report on Friday. These are the first of many opportunities for you and your child to hold discussions and gain more information about the subjects available for further study in Y9 and beyond.
During your child’s Making Aspirations Possible (MAP) lessons over the next few weeks we will be working with your son or daughter in helping them to make their preliminary choices; using information from Go4Schools and their thoughts about their future educational and work aspirations. Pupils will be using Kudos, a career development service, which will help them to identify which subjects will be most useful to them in the future. We will also be discussing with them where they are currently having the most academic and educational success in order to tailor the most appropriate set of subjects for each pupil. After these preliminary choices have been made your child will bring home their options form showing their choices for you to approve or amend.
Your child’s Head of House and tutor will also support and guide your child to help her/him make the appropriate choices about what they will study next year and through to Year 11.
For your information:
All pupils will study a foundation of Core subjects that will enable them to fulfil national requirements and allow for a positive transition into further education.
English (2 GCSEs – English Language and English Literature)
Maths (1 GCSE)
Science (2 GCSEs – Combined Science)
In addition to these subjects, your child has been identified as capable of achieving the full suite of 8 or more qualifications and, as such, we would recommend an academic or mixed pathway that consists of traditional GCSE options, with the possibility of vocational options, if appropriate. The list of all subjects available is on the application form. There is also comprehensive information on all available subjects on our website.
When considering future further education choices your child may also wish to pursue the English Baccalaureate. If this is the case s/he would need to choose at least one language (French or Spanish) and one Humanities subject (Geography or History) to go with the Core subjects.
To finalise the process we ask that you sign the application form to show you are happy with the choices made. The deadline for completion of the application form is Friday 5th April and should be returned to your child’s Personal Learning Tutor.  This deadline is after the Tutor Review Day and Parents Evening. This is to allow you an opportunity to discuss any queries you may have with your child’s tutor or with me on Tutor Review Day, and to allow you to make any appointments with the teachers of prospective subjects for the Parents Evening.
And finally, if any changes need to be made you will be informed and when choices have been finalised you will receive confirmation.
If you have any other question or concerns about the process please email or call your child’s tutor, Head of House or me.
Yours faithfully
Assistant Headteacher