08 Jan

Pupil Targets

Dear Parents and Carers,

At Oakwood High School we have high expectations of pupils.

We are now one full term into the academic year and so we expect all pupils to have made some progress towards their success targets and be a step closer towards achieving them. At this point your child should be one fine grade away from their target to be considered ‘on target’ for achieving their success targets by the end of the year. To keep pupils focussed and motivated you will notice that the colours in GO4Schools have been updated to reflect this.

For example, during term 1 a pupil with a target of 3+ would have been 'on target' if they were achieving a 3- . It is our expectation that each pupil will have made progress by at least one fine grade so this pupil should now be achieving a grade 3 to still be on target to achieve their 3+ by the end of the year.

You can see how close your child is to achieving his/her targets by logging into GO4Schools and viewing the updated data. Please discuss this with your child and encourage them to continue to work hard to meet/beat targets.

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions or concerns please contact me on m.ward@oakwood.ac

Yours Sincerely
Mrs Maxine Ward
Assistant Headteacher