12 Apr

Ramadan 2019

Dear Parents

I write because, as many of you will be acutely aware, Ramadan is almost upon us.  It comes again this year when we have very long and potentially very hot days.  And, as last year Ramadan will cut across the very important Year 11 exam season.  This makes for a very challenging period for many of our pupils.  The governors and the staff body continue to be sympathetic to the pupils throughout Ramadan.  We understand that we have a duty of care to all pupils and it is important to us that all children can attend school and focus fully on their learning.
As you know, education is absolutely central to Islam, and as a consequence, we expect all pupils, including any who are fasting during this time, to attend every one of their scheduled exams or to follow their normal lessons.  Whether children are fasting or not, we would expect all pupils to approach all activities, especially those involving physical activity in hot weather, with a degree of caution.  This may include wearing appropriate head covering and clothing where necessary, and being prepared to take a small amount of water if feeling unwell.  On particularly hot days all Physical Education lessons will be planned with reference to the temperature and the knowledge that there may be pupils who are fasting.  If children are intending to fast it is essential that they prepare by drinking and eating outside the times of the fast, particularly in the morning before they attend school.
It is important to note that the Year 11 pupils will be required to sit all their examinations throughout this period and that includes on the days of Eid.  All our Year 11 examinations are set by the national examination boards and we cannot adjust, change or delay any examination.  Failure to attend will result in a failure in that examination.
Ramadan is predicted to start around 5 May and will end around 4-5 June.  As usual during Ramadan, the Ramadan Club will run, after the bank holiday weekend, at break times beginning on Tuesday 7 May, through to Eid.  There will be separate facilities for boys and girls and it will be staffed at all times.
I appreciate your support and understanding around this issue.  If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to make contact with me d.naisbitt@oakwood.ac or Mr Willey s.willey@oakwood.ac, Assistant Headteacher.
Yours faithfully,

David Naisbitt