04 May

Y11 Pupils

Dear Parent / Carer


As you will know our exam period is nearly upon us.  Our pupils are working very hard in that last push.  I have spoken to the pupils about our expectations over the exam period and thought you would appreciate receiving some of those messages.  You will then be able to support your child and the school in the next few weeks.
We at Oakwood High School do not have a study leave period.  Our experience tells us that if the young people are in with us and are working with the teachers, on a revision programme, they are more likely to be successful in their examinations.  Once a particular exam has finished we would expect the children to go back into their normal lessons.  In those lessons their teachers will have prepared specific revision activities and materials and be on hand to support children with their revision.  Whatever an individual pupil might say about how they personally revise this is an invaluable resource and opportunity that must be maintained.
We have exams in the morning, starting at around 9.30 am and then again in the afternoon starting around 1.15 pm.  When a morning exam finishes, pupils will be expected to go back to their usual lessons and follow their timetable.  When the afternoon exam finishes, at whatever time, we will allow pupils to go home.  Our experience tells us that this works well for the pupils.
Can I ask your support in emphasising with your child that they must stay in school as set out above?  I do not want to get into a situation where we have to call parents during the day to find out where children are.  If your child has a medical appointment, please provide the correct documentation, eg, appointment card, so that this absence can be authorised.  I also need to be clear that any absence may result in education welfare involvement – that is beyond our control.
Very early in June, when many more exams have been completed, I will allow pupils to spend more time at home and only come in for exams.  This will be towards the end of the exam period and will be in support of all learners.
Your support is much appreciated.  If you have any particular issues or questions please feel free to contact me via email.

Yours faithfully
David Naisbitt