Year 8 Options

We come to that point on a pupil’s school journey when it is now the time to start to make decisions regarding courses to be followed over the coming years, at Oakwood High School and beyond.  During their remaining years with us, all pupils will continue to study a broad and balanced curriculum, which is intended to ensure that pupils are as successful as possible with us and in their future studies and careers.
Please read the guidance carefully.  It is important that joint decisions are made about the most appropriate pathway and combination of courses. Our job is to give you guidance and information.  We will work with your child to ensure they are placed on a qualifications pathway that gives them the very best opportunities, whilst meeting the requirements of the national curriculum and of the range of examining bodies.
The school has made significant efforts to ensure that we have an exciting, stimulating and satisfying curriculum.  However, it is critical that each and every subject is given the fullest commitment, each and every day.  Individual pupils must take responsibility for their own learning.  We work hard to ensure that pupils are ready for their post 16 studies and the wider working world.  A key component of this will be independent learning and study.
I wish you well in this exciting process.  Consider your preferences carefully.  Ask for help.  Then be ambitious about your plans and set your sights on success.

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