iPad/Chromebook Support

At Oakwood High School, all of our pupils are provided with an iPad/Chromebook to enhance their learning experience. To ensure that the iPads/Chromebooks are used safely, we hold an information evening for pupils and parents/carers, with a key focus in eSafety.  All pupils and parents/carers are provided with information and guidance on staying safe in the form of talks and handbooks.

All pupils and parents/carers are asked to sign an 'Acceptable Use Policy' before the iPads/Chromebooks are distributed.

Click the links below for useful information and support regarding iPads/Chromebooks.

Acceptable Use Policy This policy must be signed by pupils and parents/carers before an iPad/Chromebook is issued.
Banned Applications A list of iPad/Chromebook apps blocked by Oakwood High School.
Creating an Apple ID An Apple ID is required to download new apps onto an iPad. This guide will show to create an Apple ID without a credit/debit card.
eSafety Policy How Oakwood High School is committed to the safeguarding and well-being of our pupils with the use of the Internet and other technologies.
If you have any questions or comments regarding this page, please email info@oakwood.ac and mark FAO your child's Head of House.