‘Inspired to Achieve’


Our core values, our ethos, priorities, vision and aims are what root us as school and colleges and as a trust.

We are committed to a value lead educational provision. Our core values define who we are and what we stand for. We will not shift as personalities come and go. Our core values determine our direction of travel: they are non-negotiable.


‘Inspiring lives, creating possibilities, shaping futures’ Sitwell Junior School
‘Inspired to achieve’ Oakwood High School
‘A tradition of achievement – a future of opportunity’ Thomas Rotherham College
Together, within this multi-academy trust, we will work together to Inspire Learners to Achieve: for today, for tomorrow and into in the future.


PRIORITIES (and Key Performance Indicators)

• All children and young people will make at least good progress
• There will be no underperforming cohorts
• All teachers will deliver at least good learning
• All schools or colleges will move to the next level of successful performance.



• to ensure that all pupils / students learn to their full potential in a caring and supportive environment;
• to improve life chances by helping to grow into well rounded, work and adult life ready children and young people;
• to provide challenging learning experiences that develops pupils / students as successful confident young adults;
• to provide a truly outstanding and inspirational 0-19 educational experience;
• to build on the excellent governance, leadership and management evident in the trust’s schools and colleges: Looking Inward and Facing Outward;
• to present a governance and leadership structure that offers greater opportunities for collaboration, co-operation and challenge;
• to challenge the adults and pupils / students to work and think differently; including, aiming high, trying new things, working together;
• to build a culture of professional accountability and self-evaluation as a vehicle for improving performance at all levels; be that the child, the adult, the school, the college, the learning community and/or the multi-academy trust.

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