Art, Craft & Design

Art and Design Learning Journey

Course Outline ‐ What will I learn?

Art and design is taught through a combination of practical activities and theoretical studies. Pupils will learn foundational skills in different art mediums, such as drawing, painting, print and sculpture. Teachers guide pupils through creative projects, encouraging experimentation and individual expression. Additionally, art history and design theory are integrated to provide context and to deepen understanding. The aim of the art and design curriculum is to nurture creativity, critical thinking, and a well rounded understanding of the visual arts.


  • Drawing with a range of media: pencil, chalks, charcoal, ball point pen, ink and wash
  • Painting using watercolour and acrylics
  • Sculpture and 3D work including clay and mod-roc
  • Printmaking including, monoprints, collagraphs and lino printing
  • Using pastels – oil and chalk
  • Coloured pencils – developing skills with blending and burnishing
  • Photography 
  • Mixed media work including collage


  • Understanding of Art History
  • Contextual understanding of artworks
  • Colour theory
  • Understanding of different artist/designers and their working methods
  • Understanding of the Formal elements of art

How will it be assessed?

Coursework – 60% of your final mark (coursework begins at the start of Y10 and through until Dec of Y11) 

Externally Set Assignment – 40% of your final mark (The externally set assignment is started in January of Y11 and is completed in May of Y11)

Note – there is no written exam for Art, Craft and Design

What parents need to know

Pupils will be expected to develop their drawing and design skills in their own time through homeworks and independent tasks while working to deadlines and developing independent and creative thought. Pupils will be encouraged  to develop an interest in the visual arts, researching areas that interest them while helping to develop their own taste and critical thinking skills.

Potential further study and careers

There are various careers that require the skills learnt by studying Art, craft and design. Here are some examples:  

Illustrator, Artist, Web designer, Art gallery curator, Graphic designer, Architecture, Interior designer, Fashion designer/stylist, Print designer, Surface pattern designer, Special effects makeup, Makeup artist, Hairdresser

Please contact: V.Tibenham, Art, Graphics and Textiles Subject Lead, on

Ex pupils’ experiences

“My art lessons have been brilliant from Y9, the projects covered have developed my drawing skills and the independent  project where you get to choose what you want to do is fab, I am working on a project around architecture and producing prints ­ I wasn’t the best at drawing in Y8 but now I think I am great!!”