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Art, Craft & Design

Art and Design Learning Journey

Course Outline ‐ What will I learn?

Now think of a world with art. Think of the designs you see on your way to school, the look, feel and layout of your iPad, and sculptures you see in the park. Think about what makes you laugh and what makes you smile. That is a world with art. A world of imagination and inspiration. You will be required to have some skill in drawing and basic art skills or a passion to learn.


Use artistic techniques and processes, appropriate to your work and personal intentions for example:

  • digital and non­digital photography
  • hand rendered working methods
  • use media and materials as appropriate to your personal intentions, for example;
    • pencil, pen and ink, pen and wash, crayon, and other hand media
  • watercolour, gouache and acrylic paint
  • clay & modelling material
  • pastels oil & dry
  • printmaking
  • mixed media


You need to have an interest and enjoy looking at different aspects of Art and Design. You must like drawing, painting, modelling and creating images and artefacts in two and three dimensions.You will work with a wide range of materials and processes: clay; paint; plaster of Paris; drawing; digital photography.
You will work on distinct projects throughout the course each with a different focus e.g. clay or mixed media.

How will it be assessed?

Coursework ­ 60% of the total marks (Internally Assessed)

Exam Based Project ­ 40% of the total marks (Internally Assessed)

What parents need to know

The course allows pupils to express their creativity and produce visually effective pieces of work. They will learn a variety of skills and look at a range of different artists’ work. They will be expected to have some ability to draw.

Potential further study and careers

There are various careers in Art. Here are some examples:

  • special effects;
  • illustration;
  • web design;
  • art direction;
  • museum direcon;
  • graphic design;
  • architecture;
  • fashion.

Please contact: N.Hertbert-Clarke, V.Tibenham or L.Bramley on info@oakwood.ac

Ex pupils’ experiences

“My art lessons have been brilliant from Y9, the projects covered have developed my drawing skills
and the major project where you get to choose what you want to do it fab, I am working on a
project around architecture and producing prints ­ I wasn’t the best at drawing in Y8 but now I
think I am great!!”

Y11 Pupil

“Art has allowed me to have that lesson where I can just zone into my own work and produce
pieces that I want to produce ­ it is great for my mental health.”

Y10 Pupil