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Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday 4th January 2021, school will now be closed to all pupils except those of critical workers or identified as vulnerable. Learning online will be provided for Year 11 from Tuesday 5th January 2021 and all other pupils from Thursday 7th January 2021.  Please follow the link below for further details.

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Art & Design


Think about a world without art. No graphics in your video games, no logos on your T-shirts. No cartoons and no graffiti. No posters on your bedroom walls. No creativity and no innovation.

Now think of a world with art. Think of the designs you see on your way to school, the look, feel and layout of your iPad, and sculptures you see in the park. Think what makes you laugh and what makes you smile. That is a world with art. A world of imagination and inspiration. You will be required to have some skill in drawing and basic art skills or a passion to learn.

How do I know I am good enough to take Art?

Anyone who is marking either at or above grade 3 should consider Art as an option. In the Art department we understand that not everyone is brilliant at drawing! We concentrate much more on technique and skills building in Years 9-11 and having two lessons each week helps to do this.

The only criteria are that you enjoy art and want to do it.

What will you do?

You need to have an interest and enjoy looking at different aspects of Art and Design. You must like drawing, painting, modelling and creating images and artefacts in two and three dimensions.

You will work with a wide range of materials and processes:

  • clay;
  • paint;
  • plaster of Paris;
  • drawing;
  • digital photography.

You will work on distinct projects throughout the course each with a different focus e.g. clay or mixed media.​

How will I be assessed?

In two ways:

  1. Portfolio work               – worth 60% of your GCSE
  2. Externally Set Task      – worth 40% of your GCSE


There are four assessment objectives and you score points for each objective. The more points you score the higher the grade!

You will produce a portfolio of work during the course. You can choose any work from your portfolio (it must include more than one project) for marking as long as you show evidence of all four assessment objectives – you basically choose bits of your work!

It is recommended that your total portfolio submission will be made up of at least 45 hours of work.

Work is marked in school and moderated by the examining board, AQA.

Externally Set Task

You have approximately 11 weeks for preparation i.e. to do Assessment Objectives 1-3 and then 10 hours to produce one piece of work (AO4) e.g. drawing, painting, sculpture, etc…..

You will be given help and guidance with the preparation part of this project and the 10 hours are under exam-like conditions.

What skills will I learn?

  • creativity;
  • an eye for beauty and composition;
  • confidence to try new ideas;
  • technical skills: drawing, painting, sculpting;
  • problem solving.

Additional activities

You may participate in:

  • Artist in Residence Philip Cox– designing and creating masks;
  • visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield;
  • visit to Hepworth Museum, Bradford;
  • visit to Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds;

All pupils are given the opportunity to work with professional artists at some point during the course.

You will be expected to take part in the Year 10 visit.

How can Art help me in the future?

GCSE Art enables pupils to progress onto A Level Art at a local college or sixth form; or more specialised aspects of art such as Fashion, Photography, Fine Art, Graphic Design, etc.. at local vocational colleges.

There are various careers in Art. Here are some examples:

  • special effects;
  • illustration;
  • web design;
  • art direction;
  • museum direction;
  • graphic design;
  • architecture;
  • fashion.

GCSE Art provides you with a suitable foundation for the continued study of art at a more advanced level e.g.

  • A Level Fine Art;
  • A Level Graphic Design;
  • BTEC Level 3 in Art & Design;
  • BTEC Level 3 in Graphic Design;
  • BTEC Level 3 in Fashion & Clothing;
  • BTEC Level 3 in Photography.

How do I find out more?

Ask Miss Ranby, Miss Herbert-Clarke or Miss Bramley for more information and guidance.

Email: v.ranby@oakwood.ac, n.herbert-clarke@oakwood.ac, l.bramley@oakwood.ac