July-December 2020

As with most organisation, we have tried not to allow The Coronavirus to prevent our
pupils from accessing the curriculum. At Oakwood, we have shown our Resilience
and found ways of working in a different format to ensure our pupils continue with
their career planning. Here is a taster of some of the work Oakwood students have
experienced as part of their PSHCE Programme.

July 2020

Year 10 students were involved in a Virtual NHS Event. We invited NHS staff to talk
to our pupils about the various careers within the NHS. A Live link was organised
with professionals such as an Occupational Therapist & pupils were able to find out
more about this career and ask questions about the role.

Post 16 Option planning (September – December 2020)

As usual, Oakwood staff and Year 11 pupils have been busy planning the next steps
to take after GCSE’s….
Students have had the opportunity to find out about the range of pathways and
options available after Year 11. Staff from Thomas Rotherham College, Rotherham
College and The Ask Programme have delivered Virtual Assemblies to inform our
pupils of the wide range of Post 16 Options available. The presentations have
covered options such as A Levels, BTEC Qualifications, Vocational Qualifications
and Apprenticeships.

Oakwood’s Virtual Post 16 Options Event

On 13th October 2020 Year 11 pupils, parents & carers were invited to attend
Oakwood’s Virtual Post 16 Options Event. At this event, a series of presentations
and videos took place about the ‘World of Work’, colleges, sixth forms, training and
other learning opportunities including universities.

In October, Oakwood students were invited to take part in a 6 month LIVE Work
Experience Programme with Medic Mentor. The aim of this was to give our students
who have a passion and interest in pursuing Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary
Medicine the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in these sectors.
Please see below Pari Ali’s (Oakwood pupil) account of working with Medic Mentor

Careers Blog- Pari Ali

My name is Pari and I am currently in Year 11. I aspire to have a career in medicine. When I was
younger I spent a lot of time in the hospital with my asthma. After living in an environment surrounded
by all these amazing doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals, it is no surprise that they have
sparked my interest in medicine. I wanted to do some kind of medical work experience this year or
next year, however, due to the covid-19 pandemic, it was impossible to do so. A few months ago,
through Oakwood’s careers adviser Mrs Barton, an opportunity arose to apply for a 6 month online
medical work experience programme. I applied and got in. It is a fantastic programme run by Medic
Mentor who has partnered with Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. It is a live and immersive work
experience run by real doctors and NHS staff. I’m currently a few months into the programme. I have
learnt a lot so far about what it takes to become a doctor, a doctor’s values and the process of
becoming a doctor. Through the programme, my ability to reflect has significantly improved. This is
just one of the few key skills this programme has taught me. It is not only medical, but this programme
has also taught me many skills that I can apply to help me in my GCSE’s. I have also received lots of
guidance on how to achieve my aspirations. This has been such an incredible experience for me and I
have learnt a lot of valuable skills that I’m sure will help me progress to having a career in medicine.
Thank you to Medic Mentor and Queen Elizabeth Hospital for creating such a fantastic work
experience programme.Thank you to all the NHS staff that have sacrificed their free time in a
pandemic to help and teach young people like me. Finally, thank you to Mrs Barton and the staff at
Oakwood High School for recommending this wonderful opportunity to me. It is life changing.

Pari Ali – Year 11

Students were invited to attend the heppFEST which ran from 7th – 11th December 2020. This
was a virtual event organised by hepp for students and parents/carers and included sessions
around helping young people make choices about higher education, looking at additional
support available, degree apprenticeships and entering higher education as a mature

Career Planning

The MAP Department have worked with Year 11 pupils in PSHCE lessons to
complete CV’s and Personal Statements to support Post 16 applications.
Mrs. Barton has worked with Year 11 pupils in their 1:1 careers interviews to help
with decision making around Post 16 Options and career pathways.
Reminder to Year 11 pupils:
Can you please remember that you should be working on your MAP Booklet and
have clearance from Mrs Tank, Mrs Samuel or Mrs.Barton to make applications.
Don’t forget that your Mock Interviews will take place week commencing 4th January
and 11th January and will be held in school.

Please make sure your CV and Personal Statements are completed as you will need to bring these along to your Mock Interviews. You will be sent more details about this after The Christmas Break.

Enjoy your holidays!