Computer Science

Course Outline ‐ What will I learn?

Paper 1 -­ You will learn about the components of a computer system, and be able to make informed choices about which computer systems are most suitable for a user or purpose.
Paper 2 ­- You will learn about how to solve the problems that allow computer programs to be built. Pupils need to be able to remember scientific definitions and apply knowledge to real world scenarios.

Paper 1­ – Topics include CPU, memory, storage, wired & wireless networks, network topologies, system security, data representation and legal and ethical issues.
Paper 2­ – Topics include programming techniques, algorithms, computational logic and translators of languages.

How will it be assessed?

Paper 1 ­ 50% of the total marks
Paper 2 ­ 50% of the total marks

Coursework is not applicable for this subject.

What parents need to know

Computer Science prepares pupils for a future which will be computer and automation heavy. It provides pupils with the skills needed to pick computer systems and solve computer related problems, as well as teaching the ability to pragmatically solve problems based on the information given.

Potential further study and careers

  • Game design
  • Software developer
  • Website developer
  • System Security Engineer
  • Data Manager
  • Network Architect

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Ex pupils’ experiences

“Computer Science is one of the easiest subjects I study, because I just need to learn the keywords and definitions”
Current Y11 pupil

“You learn a lot of the definitions in Y7 and 8, so you know what is coming which is good”
Current Y10 pupil

“Computer Science is where all the best paid jobs are, and it is relevant to our modern society”
Current Y9 pupil