English as an Additional Language (EAL support)

Course Outline

Some pupils who are identified as having a significant need for support due to their level of English will be given the opportunity to have support from and EAL specialist in withdrawal sessions. The EAL specialist will work with the pupil and keep staff informed about the stages of EAL learning and appropriate teaching and learning strategies for them to implement in the classroom. In addition, EAL specialists will develop bespoke withdrawal sessions in order to ensure that EAL pupils have access to appropriate support to make the best progress possible in all of their subjects.

What parents need to know

Not all pupils will be able to select EAL as one of their options. Pupils that are able to select EAL as one of their option subjects will be told by a member of staff that this is the case.

Please contact: J.Oxley on info@oakwood.ac

Ex pupils’ experiences

“Working with the EAL team has really helped me. I used to find it really hard to talk to people in English and struggled to work out what was going on in lessons. Now I am more confident and know where I can get help if I need it”
Y10 EAL pupil

“Having me to work with somebody means that I can go at my own pace and if I get stuck it’s really easy to get the help that I need”
Y9 EAL pupil