Course Outline

You will develop your language skills through the study of three key themes; Identity and culture, Local, national, international and global areas of interest and Current and future study and employment.

Within each of these three themes you will study a variety of topics that both foster language acquisition and help deepen your understanding of key grammar.

Throughout your time studying German you will develop a variety of valuable transferable skills including;

  • Communication skills both in English and in German
  • Problem solving skills
  • Translation skills
  • Memory enhancing skills
  • A deeper understanding of different people and cultures.

How will it be assessed?

Paper 1 Listening – 25% of the total marks

Paper 2 Speaking – 25% of the total marks

Paper 3 Reading – 25% of the total marks

Paper 4 Writing – 25% of the total marks

What parents need to know

Learning a foreign language requires continuous study. Pupils will regularly be asked to learn key vocabulary and complete reading, listening and writing tasks at home in order to ensure they make the best possible progress. Some pupils may need support and encouragement to do this.

Potential further study and careers

Languages combine well with a variety of other subjects at A-level.

Those who study foreign languages on average earn more throughout their career. Languages are desirable for a broad range of jobs in a variety of sectors including; teaching, translation and interpreting, media and journalism, travel and tourism, banking and finance, local and state government, charity organisations, health services, social services, immigration services, publishing companies, the department of defence and the fashion industry

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Ex pupils’ experiences

I enjoy German lessons as they have a balance of beneficial work and also games which break up the work, so the lessons aren’t boring – Y11 German Pupil

My advice would be to make sure that you learn all of the vocab for every topic, as this skill can help you in writing (so you can use show off phrases), listening, reading and speaking – Y11 German pupil

I think having a better memory is a skill that I have gained from studying languages. I enjoy the mini-games and Quizlet live – Y11 German pupil