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Art - Graphic Communication

Graphics Learning Journey

Course Outline ‐ What will I learn?


Use graphic communication techniques and processes, appropriate to your work and personal intentions for example:

  • typography
  • illustration
  • digital and non­digital photography
  • hand rendered working methods
  • digital working methods
  • use media and materials as appropriate to your personal intentions, for example;
  • pencil, pen and ink, pen and wash, crayon, and other graphical media
  • watercolour, gouache and acrylic paint
  • layout materials
  • digital media
  • printmaking
  • mixed media


Graphic Communication is a practical drawing subject which requires:

  • the application of knowledge and understanding when developing ideas;
  • drawing ideas by hand and on specialised computer software Adobe Illustrator;
  • planning for final pieces;
  • producing and modelling products;
  • evaluating products.
  • The projects on this course can range from 2D design work of posters, advertising and display as well as work covering packaging and products.

You need the capability of a good standard of drawing and presentation as you will be required to communicate your ideas using good quality drawings
and visual language.

You should have an interest in art and enjoy using specific computer softwares to develop ideas.

How it will be assessed

Coursework ­ 60% of the total marks (Internally Assessed)

Exam Based Project ­ 40% of the total marks (Internally Assessed)

What parents need to know

The course allows pupils to express their creativity and produce visually effective pieces of work. They will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and explore layout and typography to produce professional pieces of work.

Potential further study and careers

There are various careers in Graphics. Here are some examples:
Graphic Designer; Web Designer; Photographer; Art Director; Animator; Illustrator; Printmaker; Production designer ­ theatre / T.V

Please contact: E.Atton on info@oakwood.ac

Ex pupils’ experiences

“Graphics is my favourite subject in school, it allows me to express myself and create work that not only do I want to do, but that looks amazing! Mrs Heafield teaches us to experiment through Adobe Illustrator and produce work that could actually be sold in a shop!”
Y11 Pupil

“All the mini projects we have done have taught me lots of skills, things that I didn’t know how to do before, now I have started my major project I have been allowed to pick my own topic that I am interested in, and I am just producing this amazing sketchbook that looks so cool!”
Y10 Pupil