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Art - Graphic Communication

Graphics Learning Journey

Course Outline ‐ What will I learn?

Graphic communication is the process of designing visual material to convey information, ideas, meaning and emotions in response to a brief. Our graphic communication course is taught mainly through the use of the industry standard software, Adobe Illustrator. Pupils are taught to draw, experiment and refine within the parameters of this software whilst also learning about both contemporary and historical artists/designers to aid critical understanding and develop pupil’s own work. 


  • Typography
  • Photography
  • Layout 
  • Digital media
  • Printmaking
  • Product advertisement
  • Photo & digital manipulation 
  • Content creation


  • Colour theory
  • Understanding of different artist/designers and their working methods
  • Understanding of the principles of design
  • Understanding of visual language and how it is used to convey ideas and meaning

How it will be assessed

Coursework – 60% of your final mark (coursework begins at the start of Y10 and through until Dec of Y11) 

Externally Set Assignment – 40% of your final mark (The externally set assignment is started in January of Y11 and is completed in May of Y11)

Note – there is no written exam for Graphic Communication

What parents need to know

Pupils will be expected to develop their drawing, research and design skills in their own time through homeworks and independent tasks while working to deadlines and developing independent and creative thought. Pupils will be encouraged  to develop an interest in the visual arts, researching areas that interest them while helping to develop their own taste and critical thinking skills.

Potential further study and careers

There are various careers in Graphics. Here are some examples:
Graphic Designer; Web Designer,  Photographer, Art Director, Animator, Illustrator, Printmaker, Production designer, ­ Theatre / T.V

Ex pupils’ experiences

“Graphics is my favourite subject in school, it allows me to express myself and create work that not only do I want to do, but that looks amazing! It  teaches us to experiment through Adobe Illustrator and produce work that could actually be sold in a shop!”
Y11 Pupil

“All the mini projects we have done have taught me lots of skills, things that I didn’t know how to do before. Now I have started my Independent project I have been allowed to pick my own topic that I am interested in, and I am just producing this amazing work  that looks so cool!”
Y10 Pupil

For Further Information

Please contact V.Tibenham, Art, Graphics and Textiles Subject Lead or E.Atton, Graphics Subject teacher on info@oakwood.ac