Quiet Reflection

Thank you for all of your efforts this week, as our children and young people return to us from their summer breaks. I know that it has been an exciting week for many and those children and young people will be thinking about their futures and the opportunities we present and what they can take from, and make the most of, the next few years, and beyond into their life.

That optimism and hope sits in stark contrast to the enormously sad news of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Whatever your views are on a monarchy there can be few who do not recognise the incredible contribution that Her Majesty has made to this country, the Commonwealth and the wider world. It isn’t the longevity of her reign but the manner in which she has conducted herself over that period; whatever the external factors and events might have been at any given time over those seventy years of her reign.

Within Inspire Trust we respectfully recognise the passing of our monarch and will take time to reflect individually and collectively on her life and death. The passing of the monarch will, no doubt, have a differing impact upon each of us as individuals, as families and communities. Some of us will be reminded of the loss of loved ones in previous days. We should take time and feel able to mourn, remember and reflect.

We are entering a new phase in British history. However history will play out, time will tell. For now, our thoughts are with His Majesty the King and his family at this terrifically sad time.

I hope that you can have a quiet and reflective weekend.