Return after the summer break

I’ll make this first weekly message of the year short and to the point.

It’s a simple message: just to say to you that I hope that you’ve had a fantastic summer break. Whatever you did (whether you managed to get away or not) I hope that those activities provided a suitable and substantial distraction from school or college or work and that you have returned, after your summer break, with your batteries recharged; ready to launch yourself (or support your child as they launch themselves) into this next academic year.

As innumerable people will have said over the last few days, we are all endeavouring to return to some sort of ‘normality’ this year. We know that may not always be possible and that there will be things that we need to continue to do differently. We know that we may have to tweak and adjust our practice as the year passes but we do want to go into this academic year feeling as if some sort of rhythm and routine is possible.

In the schools and the college we are all committed to ensuring that all that we do and all that we seek to do is as good as it possibly can be, with and for the pupils, students and our community: whoever, whenever and wherever.

For now, best wishes and good luck as we start the new year.

‘The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.’ Alan Watts

I hope that you have a restful weekend and we’re all back on Monday morning ready to go at it…

… testing regime or no testing regime.