· Announcement ·

School will close for the summer break at 1.00pm on Friday 17th July 2020. GCSE Results – Year 11 pupils will receive their results by recorded delivery on Thursday 20 August 2020. Year 10 pupils will receive theirs by post from this date. If you have any questions please email Miss Moorhouse (info@oakwood.ac). Good Luck. Enjoy the Summer break.

Temporary closure

We are living through extraordinary circumstances and we have communicated so much, so frequently and (hopefully) clearly throughout the past few weeks.

We are where we are right now and we are in a situation none of us would’ve wished for or imagined.I do believe that, as a community we have, as always, reacted with moderation and thoughtfulness.

For that I thank you! We are so much stronger together and we are so much stronger when we work as one for the benefit of our children, for the benefit of this community, in support of each other and, at this time of national crisis, for the benefit of this country.

We cannot underestimate how significant and serious the issues are that we all face. We must follow government advice and wherever and whenever possible, isolate ourselves, stay out of public places and follow all public hygiene measures. I want to see you all of our pupils, students and staff back healthy and happy in the very near future.

Take care, stay healthy, look after yourselves, look after your families and look after each other.

Best wishes