The National Day

We battle towards the end of a long year. We’ve got plenty more to do; whenever we conclude our business and whichever day we finish.

And so today I will revisit an annual theme which I think I’ve neglected this year. Hopefully it’ll bring a smile to your face. It’s such a difficult time at the moment locally, nationally and internationally. Sometimes you just need something that bit different to distract you from the day today.

Did you today? Take your dog into your classroom? Have you had your cream tea? You might eat pralines? Or just go for a swim?

We’ve got it wrong if we think that in the last seven days the most important event to mark has been Father’s Day. Surely you celebrated some or all of these important days in the last week?

How about…?

Saturday 18 June:

·         International Sushi Day

·         National Go Fishing Day… or in contrast

·         Clean Your Aquarium Day… if you forget you can…

·         International Panic Day

And then …

Sunday 19 June:

·         National Martini Day

·         International Box Day

On Monday 20 June it was all about animals…

·         National Take Your Cat to Work Day

·         Ugliest Dog Day

And the best of the rest this week you might have missed…?

·         I’ll stick my neck out and say my favourite this week has been… International Giraffe Day

·         Go Skateboarding Day

Get them the right way around as on Wednesday we had…

*   National Onion Ring Day
*   National Kissing Day

Mmmmm Thursday…

·         National Porridge Day

In all the madness of the world in which we live at least there’s the sanity of the National Day! Granted most seem to emanate from the US. What a country. Their national days aren’t the worst thing they’ve given the world.