Creative IMedia

Course Outline – What will I learn?


Coursework – You will have to complete three pieces of coursework, each follows the same format but will allow you to show different skills. This coursework will be completed in lesson time on a computer. The coursework will include:

  • Photography – you will learn how to use a camera properly and about the rules of photography to take good photos
  • Interactive Multimedia Products – you will learn how to put together a good presentation to engage your audience
  • Digital Graphics – you will learn how to use Photoshop to put together products such as posters and CD/DVD covers combining images, text and graphics to create appealing products.


The exam will cover the same skills as the coursework, but you will have to follow the information you have been given to help complete the project 


  • You will learn how to plan a project using timescales to make sure that you complete on time
  • You will learn how to properly plan using mindmaps, moodboards, visualisation diagrams, storyboards and scripts
  • You will need to work towards a client brief to make sure your product is suitable 
  • You will review what you have made to see where you have done well, and what you need to do to improve

How will it be assessed?

75% coursework (Each module weighted at 25%

25% written exam

What Parents Need to know

Creative iMedia teaches pupils to organise their time to complete projects for potential clients. It teaches pupils a range of IT skills that will help them in the future, as well as allowing them to reflect on what they have produced and make improvements before the final submission.

Potential further studies and careers

  • Photographer
  • Working in the TV / film industry
  • Working with social media
  • Working in radio
  • Digital artist 

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Ex pupils’ experiences

“There is a lot of coursework so you can improve what you have done and you have a good idea about what grade you will leave with before you do your exam.”

“The exam is similar to the coursework so you feel like you know what you are doing.”

“It allows me to be creative on the computer and I really like that.”