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Oakwood High School –  Year 7 and Year 9 Online Subject Parents Evening will be held on Wednesday 21st April 2021. Please check on Go4Schools and work with your child to identify the Subjects/Teachers you would like to see. Further information on how to access your appointments will be sent nearer the time.

The booking system is now open. Please click on the link to access:- https://oakwoodhighschool.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/



PSHE Learning Journey

In PSHCE we aim to ensure;

Every pupil feels a sense of belonging, of self worth and has the self esteem to consider themselves a valuable member of society.
Every pupil is equipped with the life skills to keep them safe, healthy, confident and well informed to make positive choices and future pathway plans.
Every pupil has confidence in themselves; a confidence in their abilities and a confidence in their life plans, choices and aspirations.

In PSHCE pupils will study;

  • Health and Wellbeing
    • Mental Health
    • Physical Health
    • First Aid
  • Living in the Wider World
    • Discrimination
    • Human Rights
    • Personal Finances
    • Applying for College and Jobs
  • Relationships
    • Family and the different types
    • Marriage and relationships
    • Children and parenting
    • Healthy relationships
    • Signs of unhealthy relationships and exploitation


For more information please contact: a.grant@oakwood.ac

To view the Trust Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Policy, please click here

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