Maths Learning Journey – Foundation

Maths Learning Journey – Higher

Maths Learning Journey – Mastery

What will I study?

All students in years 9, 10 and 11 study a maths course which leads to a GCSE entry at one of two different levels- Foundation or Higher.

Each course contains content from the different attainment targets – Number, Algebra, Shape and space, Data handling and Application.

At foundation level, content is up to Grade 5 and at Higher level, up to Grade 9.

To do well you need to:

  • Draw and measure accurately
  • Apply methods in order to solve problems
  • Display proficiency in on calculator skills
  • Remember key formulae
  • Work logically and show a clear understanding

How will I be assessed?

Paper Elements Assessment Date %
Paper 1- Non- Calculator Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measures, Statistics, Probability


Examination 1 hour 30 minutes Summer term 2023 One Third
Paper 2- Calculator Examination 1 hour 30 minutes Summer term 2023 One Third
Paper 3- Calculator Examination 1 hour 30 minutes Summer Term 2023 One Third

Progression Pathways

If you achieve the top grades in your GCSE you can access the AS and A level mathematics courses.


A grade 5 in mathematics is on interest to all employers and educational institutions,

Many careers stem from maths qualifications including; teaching, finance, technical and scientific jobs, engineering, medicine, dentistry and nursing.


Additional Course information can be found at

Course Leader – J.Searle, Head of Mathematics on