Media Studies

Course Outline ‐ What will I learn?


Exam Papers ­- You will learn how to look at a media product and analyse the choices that have been made and how this influences people and society.
Controlled Assessment ­- You will learn how to take photos and use photoshop to create your own media product. Pupils need to be able to write structured arguments, and form their own opinions.


  • You will be able to refer to scientific studies to explain why choices are made when trying to target audiences and influence people into buying products
  • You will be able to explain how roles in society change over time, and how the media can influence people’s thoughts and beliefs; both posively and negavely
  • You will cover;
    • Paper 1 ­ Magazines, newspapers, film posters, print adverts, games, radio
    • Paper 2 ­ Crime dramas and music videos and websites

How will it be assessed?

Paper 1 ­ 40% of the total marks
Paper 2 ­ 30% of the total marks
Controlled Assessment ­ 30% of the total marks

What parents need to know

Media Studies teaches pupils to be critical thinkers of the products that surround them everyday. Instead of passively accepting products that are presented to them, the course allows pupils to challenge the way groups of people are represented in the media.

Potential further study and careers

  • Film editor / video producer
  • Social media manager
  • Set manager
  • Magazine editor
  • Journalist
  • Costume designer

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Ex Pupils’ experiences

“It’s good because it has coursework as well so it takes the pressure off of the exam”
Current Y11

“It teaches you to think about what is happening around you and not just accept it, but think about why it is done and how it
changes people”
Current Y11