Heads of House


At Oakwood there are four houses and all pupils belong to one of these houses – Boston, Hoober, Keppel and Wentworth Each house has a head of house.

Boston – Mr  D Bennett
Hoober – Mrs A Samuel
Keppel – Mr B Liversidge
Wentworth – Mrs M Jones

All Houses are divided into 11 tutor groups with approximately 18 pupils in each.  The tutees are vertically grouped which means that there are three to four pupils from each year in each tutor group.  The Personal Learning Tutor (PLT) is in daily contact with tutees and will lead and support pupils through their time here at Oakwood. Heads of House with the support of PLTs are responsible for the pastoral care and cross curricular monitoring of pupils.


Together we work with parents/carers and subject staff to ensure that all children meet their academic potential.   We expect the highest standards of work and behaviour to support learning, each and every day. The House System allows all pupils to ‘belong’ and supports a strong ethos of mutual respect and understanding in Oakwood.  We believe the structure of the House System has a positive impact on pupils by improving pupil confidence and generally bringing pupils closer together through weekly assemblies, competitions and fundraising events.

Everything we do is designed to ensure that as many of our pupils are as successful as their potential will allow. This philosophy is neatly summed up by our ethos statement.

“With a strong emphasis on respect for all, we forge effective and supportive relationships with both pupils and adults in our learning community.  Together we maximise every opportunity to achieve success for all, inspiring pupils to achieve excellent academic progress”