We read of reports asking for a better prepared workforce and that school leavers need more support to help them make the transition from school to the world of work.

Oakwood High School is seeking to form business partnerships to bridge this gap and support our pupils in gaining the skills they- and businesses- need for the world of work.

We are always on the lookout for employers who have ideas to support our pupils. If you think you and your business can help, then please get in touch

How can a School/Business partnership support Oakwood High School?

  •  Bring real life Careers context into the classroom;
  •  Bring a better understanding of Labour and Careers Market Information;
  •  Develop pupils’ skills;
  •  Develop teachers knowledge of other careers through interacting with employers;
  •  Reduce barriers for SEND, vulnerable & disadvantaged pupils;
  • Enhance academic learning across the curriculum, providing a deeper insight and understanding of the subject;
  •  Improves motivation by supporting pupils to see the relevance of their learning

How can a School/Business partnership support local employers?

  • Allow you to identify, shape and develop your next generation of workers;
  • Give young people an idea of the variety of job and career opportunities that your business can provide;
  • Use school activities to enhance and develop the transferable skills of your own staff (e.g. organising, developing, leading, presenting);
  • Involve pupils in real-time, real-world activities that could benefit your business;
  • Test out/ trial new products/services aimed at young consumers by creating focus groups in the school;
  • Gain positive PR for your business. ·

If you would like to help develop the employability skills of our pupils as well as giving them an awareness of career roles, then please contact Donna Tank at info@oakwood.ac