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School will close for the summer break at 1.00pm on Friday 17th July 2020. GCSE Results – Year 11 pupils will receive their results by recorded delivery on Thursday 20 August 2020. Year 10 pupils will receive theirs by post from this date. If you have any questions please email Miss Moorhouse (info@oakwood.ac). Good Luck. Enjoy the Summer break.


The Higher Education Progression Partnership (Hepp) is a partnership of the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. Hepp provides free and impartial advice about higher education to teachers, pupils and parents about the student finance system, the benefits of higher education and the choices and pathways that are on offer. Hepp works alongside its sister organisation Hepp South Yorkshire (HeppSY+) all around the Sheffield City Region. Hepp works with over a hundred schools in places such as Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, North East Derbyshire and Bassetlaw.

Oakwood is one of Hepp’s target schools and our Regional Activities Coordinator is Ross Claydon Mullins. Oakwood School and the Hepp team are working in partnership this year with a range of year groups to provide interactive, engaging workshops to the students about higher education.  The information given is impartial and covers topics such as student finance, student life and skills for learning.

‘Hepp is very proud to work with Oakwood and we have thoroughly enjoyed delivering our sessions there. We cannot wait to continue working with them in the future.’

As well as working in Oakwood School, Hepp can also provide trips for students to visit either the University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam University. As part of Hepp’s work with schools, parents and pupils, Hepp have a website which has a huge range of higher education related resources on it.

Please see the link below for parents/carers and students:


Higher education is a great option to maximise future prospects. For example, graduates earn on average £350,000 more over a working life compared to a non-graduate. Graduates are also 50% more likely to be employed and more likely to be promoted. Finally, graduates have on average better life satisfaction, with longer life expectancy and less health issues.