Every child matters and you

There are 5 key responsibilities which everyone working with young people share and the school works hard to meet these. We see these as your rights. Please remember that having rights also brings responsibilities for you.

Being Healthy Staying Safe Enjoying and Achieving Making a Positive Contribution Achieving Economic Wellbeing
Exercise and sport for physical fitness.

Care and support for mental and emotional help.

Education to help you develop a healthy lifestyle:

  • Protect your sexual health
  • Make sensible choices about alcohol and smoking
  • Build your awareness of common illnesses and how to get help.
  • Avoid illegal drugs
Help to keep you safe from:

  • maltreatment
  • neglect
  • violence
  • sexual exploitation
  • injury
  • bullying
  • discrimination
  • crime
  • anti-social behaviour in and out of school
  • accidental injury.

Help to provide security and stability.

Care for you.

Support you to attend school

Design lessons that make you feel supported and challenged

Personal and social development

Provide and advise about enjoyable recreation

Monitor you to make sure you make good progress

Help you to achieve your full potential

Play your part in making decisions and supporting the community.

Positive behaviour in and out of school, respect for the law.

Develop positive relationships, choosing not to bully or discriminate.

Build self confidence and be successful in dealing with changes and challenges.

Develop enterprising behaviour.

Develop a sense of direction.

Prepare for adult life, aware of progression routes.

Engage in further education or training ready for employment.

Live in decent homes and sustainable communities.

Have access to transport and material goods.

Be free from poverty.