We’ve all been there, your child is slumped on the sofa watching T.V. or upstairs playing on games and when you ask them about homework, you hear that familiar reply, “I don’t have any homework.” Well, as long as you are logged on to ‘Go4Schools’, you can see exactly what homework has been set for your child/children. You can also see whether the homework has been completed.  We have updated the homework policy and each subject area has a specific approach.  Please click here to read the Homework Policy to find out more. If you have not yet logged on to ‘Go4Schools’, please contact Mrs Finnie on info@oakwood.ac and she will help you log in.

With most GCSEs being linear (pupils take all exams at the end of the year), it is essential that learning is committed to the long-term memory through over-learning and recall right from Y7. Homework is set to provide meaningful study that will support your child in making the best progress possible.

Teachers will set specific homework on ‘Go4Schools’.  Each subject has specific expectations for each year group.  To see the expectations for your child please click here to view the Homework Policy.

Pupils can record homework using the calendars on their iPads/Chromebooks and set reminders. The easiest way for pupils to check homework, however, is by logging in to Go4Schools.

In the rare cases that pupils do not complete homework, there are specific consequences in place for each year group.  Please see the Homework Policy to find out what this means for your child/children. We want to encourage pupils to become independent learners and deepen their knowledge in readiness for assessments, so our aim is to ensure the work is completed to the highest standard possible for that child – not to punish him/ her.

In Year 7, pupils will also complete a minimum of two Reload activities per term.  This is to help them to learn how to revise.  To find out more about Reload, please click here to view the presentation.  In English, Year 7 pupils will be set a reading homework and will need to complete a reading record.  Parents/carers of Year 7 pupils are required to sign the reading record.

It is essential that you have given your email address to the school. If you have not yet done so, please telephone (01709 512222) or email Mrs Finnie on info@oakwood.ac at the school and provide your most up-to-date email address.