Religious Studies

Course Outline – What will I learn?

Skills –You will be able to identify, recall, recognise, understand, analyse and evaluate religious and non-religious opinion, beliefs and practices. You will develop these skills through debate, written work and practice questions.

Knowledge – Deep knowledge and understanding of two religions (Islam and Christianity) by studying holy scripture, beliefs and practices. In paper two you will be encouraged to form your own opinions on moral and ethical issues such as animal rights and war.

RS is an academic subject that requires dedication, motivation and a willingness to learn about others beliefs. It can help promote respect, contribute to understanding of history and culture and enhance understanding of global affairs.

How will it be assessed?

Paper 1 – 50% of the total marks

Paper 2 – 50% of the total marks

Coursework is not applicable for this subject

How parents need to know

Every week Religious Studies pupils have a homework to learn key words for the course, these will be tested weekly in lessons. There may be additional homework set on some weeks and home revision for assessments. Pupils are assessed at halfway points during topics and at the end.

Revision guides are useful to have alongside the notes they make in lesson. We recommend Oxford University Press. RS Spec A Christianity and Islam ISBN 978-0-19-842283-9

Potential further study and careers

The world now requires its workforce to work with others from different religions, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. GCSE RS is desired by many national and international companies, social and health care professions, such as doctors/nurses, the armed forces and hospitality industry.

Successful completion of GCSE Religious Studies will allow progression to A level RS or Philosophy and Ethics which is highly thought of by universities and employers as it encourages critical thinking and respect for others. It also opens up a pathway to other humanities A levels such as History, Geography, law, Sociology and Psychology.

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Ex pupils’ experiences

“Very enjoyable and it’s great to learn about different ideas and religions and to put yourself in someone else’s shoes” – Y9 pupil

“I like how RS isn’t just ‘work’ but there are debates and open conversations about topics” – Y9 pupil