Sports Studies

Sport Studies Learning Journey

To follow the BTEC Sport pathway it is recommended that you attend training and/or play for our school teams in one or more sports. 

How will it be assessed?


Practical sport and PEP units are mandatory units. 

UNIT 2 ­ Practical Sports Performance. 30 guided learning hours. Pupils receive an assignment brief which is completed in controlled assessment conditions. To achieve a Merit grade pupils must be a competent performer in a competitive game situation for their 2 chosen Sports. 

UNIT 3 ­ Applying the Principles of Training. 30 guided learning hours. Pupils receive an assignment brief which is completed in controlled assessment conditions. Practically pupils will visit a local Gym for Six Weeks to carry out their training programme. 

UNIT 6 ­ Planning and Leading a Sporting Activity 30 guided learning hours. Pupils receive an assignment brief  which is completed in controlled assessment conditions. Practically pupils will plan and lead sporting sessions and be given the opportunity to assist with after school clubs. 


UNIT 1 ­ Training for Personal Fitness. Online exam which is marked externally. Pupils are allowed 2 attempts if necessary and the highest  mark is carried forward. 

What parents need to know

Locally many Further Education instituons offer the Btec National Award which is the Level 3  equivalent and natural progression of this course.

For more information

Please contact:S.Alyanak, A.Tibenham or J.Bignell on 

Potential further study and careers

BTEC First Courses enable you to progress to BTEC National  courses. BTEC National courses enable you to progress to  university and other Higher Education Institutions. BTEC courses are equally valued by employers, 

  • Outdoor Pursuits 
  • Sports Science 
  • Sports Management  
  • Sports Psychology 
  • Sports Coach/Teacher 
  • Sports Media 
  • Sports Medicine

Ex pupils’ experiences

“The BTEC Sport course is very enjoyable. You need to be organised with your work but it is rewarding when you achieve your  final grade” 


“I really enjoyed all aspects of the course. It  is good how some of the content crosses  over between the units and it covers so  many areas of sport and fitness” 


“The BTEC Sport was a perfect choice for  me. I have now moved on to the Level 3 at  College and feel the Level 2 course at Oakwood gave me a great foundation”


“I am now in my second year of College. I  would like to gain a career in the Sports  industry and feel BTEC Sport has given me  a chance of doing that”